🌍The Highlands

The HIGHLANDS... dreams do come true

Once upon a time a magical seed was planted, in a place not far from there 420 tribes coexisted around a magical plant…. A very unique never seen Cannabis Plant was born

Magical Seed was the key for the Magical Tree, the portal to the Highlands, Home of the CornerBoyz, a world, not only inside your head, floating on a cloud made of cannabis smoke.

Locations: Wisdom Bong - Fountain of Wax - Desert of Kief - THC Sea

Missions / Campaign / Chapters: Claim your License to MINT your land and join The HIGHLANDS, magical home of the CornerBoyz.

The License is the key to claiming land in The HIGHLANDS. Each have a unique capacity of business development β€” some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts and on a very few, a Pet.

A very amusing play to earn game you'd wish it was actually you. Who wouldn't love to actually live on a cannabis cloud, right? LOL

Grow your community and grow your benefits inside and outside The HIGHLANDS.

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