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CBZ LAB is a cloud-based blockchain software designed to streamline quality control and inventory testing processes, providing an efficient solution for Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis companies. This system enables easy tracking of products at every testing point throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle, from Seed to Sale. It also empowers customers to make informed decisions when purchasing your products.

Implementing a blockchain-based traceability system for the cannabis supply chain allows for the registration and tracking of each phase of the process, from cultivation to sale. Blockchain ensures the integrity of logistics and processes, utilizing NFTs to track each harvest, its buyer, location, and storage conditions.

NFTs not only track the harvest but also provide information about the consumers, facilitating direct contact with customers for more personalized marketing strategies.

CBZ LAB incorporates industry best practices, including cultivation, manufacturing, and point of sale features, giving your company a competitive advantage while addressing tough supply chain challenges.

The platform supports various teams within your company, including Grow and Cultivation Teams, Producers and Manufacturers, Quality Control and Lab Testing, Distribution, Marketing and Sales, Shipping and Logistics, Retail and Private Clubs.

To preserve harvests, users can store them in the club without taking up space at home. Additionally, the blockchain indicates the ideal consumption date, providing authenticity through NFTs to verify the genetics. The origin is certified, reducing the risk of purchasing genetics different from those offered.

The digital collectibility of special genetics is enhanced with NFTs, allowing collectors to showcase their "tasting tokens" and display consumed genetics.

In the era of sustainability, NFTs reinforce trust in genetics, seeds, and operations of suppliers and farmers. Additionally, NFTs provide valuable information about consumers, facilitating digital strategies and direct contact.

Commissions assigned to NFTs enable producers to benefit from subsequent sales, while gamification adds fun and collectibility, encouraging the testing of different genetics with rewards such as tours or merchandise.

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