CBZ Pass

Collective Intelligence
Our members were early producers of some of the most important Brands and producers of the Cannabis Industry in the World. A collective working together is stronger than any single member.


The CBZ Club its governed by an effective, well-resourced DAO, the CBZ DAO.
CBZ Pass holders get to have 50% of the votes in the CBZ DAO, besides earning 10% of everything the CBZ Protocol makes.
30% will be to support new projects around the world and help innovators on their journey.

CBZ Passes Distribution - Supply 420

• 20% CBZ DAO. (84 passes) • 5% Founding Team. (21 passes) • 5% Industry leaders % Partnerships. (21 passes) • 5% Private sale (Jun 22). (21 passes) • After the first 1st MysteryBox arrived, 1 CBZ Pass auctioned every day.