The Highlands

The HIGHLANDS... dreams do come true
Once upon a time a magical seed was planted, in a place not far from there 420 tribes coexisted around a magical plant…. A very unique never seen Cannabis Plant was born
Magical Seed was the key for the Magical Tree, the portal to the Highlands, Home of the CornerBoyz, a world, not only inside your head, floating on a cloud made of cannabis smoke.
Locations: Wisdom Bong - Fountain of Wax - Desert of Kief - THC Sea
Missions / Campaign / Chapters: Claim your License to MINT your land and join The HIGHLANDS, magical home of the CornerBoyz.
The License is the key to claiming land in The HIGHLANDS. Each have a unique capacity of business development — some with resources, some home to powerful artifacts and on a very few, a Pet.
A very amusing play to earn game you'd wish it was actually you. Who wouldn't love to actually live on a cannabis cloud, right? LOL
Be awarded farmer of the year, best retailer, distributor, or be the brand with most sales Mint, own and breed your unique customized pet. Evolve your CornerBoyz and evolve your whole World, each CornerBoyz evolution unlocks new features and assets for mint. Work alone or work together, as a community.
Grow your community and grow your benefits inside and outside The HIGHLANDS.